Nitrous Oxide Sedation System S8800C
Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Full Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Full Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer DI-400/600/800

  • Fully Random access automatic biochemistry analyzer with multi-task and friendly software;
  • With innovative & patent technologies ensuring better function, better performance and more precise results;
  • Stronger anti-interference ability;
  • Intelligent auto-setting & optimizing function makes operation easier and no parameter setting error;
  • No-touch mixing technology (patent pending, optional);
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption & low noise refrigeration system, steadily keeping reagents chamber at 2-8℃ for 24 hours;
  • Friendly environmental design;
  • Specification
    Model DI-400 DI-600 DI-800
    Assay type Fully automatic, Random access-system
    Throughput 400 tests/hr biochemical test only 580 tests/hr with ISE 600 tests/hr biochemical test only 780 tests/hr with ISE 800 tests/hr biochemical test only 980 tests/hr with ISE
    Analytical methods End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Single standard, Multi-standard, Single wavelength assay, Bichromatic, Bi-reagent assay, Serum blank assay, Immunoturbidimetric assay and ISE
    Analytical items 50 (extensible) and ISE mode on request 160 (extensible) and ISE mode on request 170 (extensible) and ISE mode on request
    Samples capacity 90 positions (extensible) including standard, control, STAT positions, primary tube or micro serum cup both available
    Samples volume 1.0 – 100ul in 0.1ul/step
    Reagent volume 1.0 – 350ul in 0.1ul/step
    Sample/reagent probe With liquid level sensor, auto checking and tracking reagent allowance ability, internal and external nano treated, collision protection, plugging probe checking ability
    Syringe Perpetual ceramic core high precision and long life
    Reading cuvette 90 UV plastic cuvettes (quartz glass cuvette available) 160 UV plastic cuvettes (quartz glass cuvette available)
    Reagent volume Can be down to 80 ul with perfect result
    Reaction disc temp. Solid heating system, 37±0.1℃ Water bath system, 37±0.1℃
    Reagent capacity 95-100, 2-8℃, 24 hours refrigerator available Maxium 180
    System function Open system, STAT, auto pre-dilution, auto recheck, auto sleep and wakeup mode.
    Calibration mode One-point, two-point and multi-point, linearity and nonlinearity assay, K factor, linearity, Spline, exponential, polygonometry, logarithmic, Logit-log 4P, Logit-log 5P, etc.
    Cuvette cheaning Automatic warm water washing station with 10 channels, with cup blanking, washing time can be increased, Choosing detergents for high polluted items automatically, to avoid the carry-over more efficiently, ensure carry-over rate lower than 0.01%.
    Alarm Automatic alarm for lack of reagent, sample, water or waste filled and other error, show the information on monitor
    Light source Long-life halogen lamp, double lens
    Spectral system Concave, grating system with cluster point light technology
    Wave length range 300 nm – 850nm, number of wavelength≥12
    O.D. range 0-3.5Abs
    Mixer 2 independent mixer probers, OR NO-TOUCH MIXING DEVICE ON REQUEST
    Data storage Long-term storage, storage capacity upon PC hard disc
    Control mode Real-time control, intra-day control, daily control. Warning for the results out of control and recoding automatically
    Software More powerful software with multiple languages
    Print Multiple report formats and user-self-defined report format available
    Remote control HIS, LIS capable
    Power supply AC 100/60Hz or 220V/50Hz – 60Hz