4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-318L
4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L

4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-358L

4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-358L

YBO 4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-358L performs fast pull down time and temperature stability. And this blood refrigerator is suitable for safe and clean storage of the whole blood, plasma, medicine, vaccine, and more. The microprocessor-based temperature controller of the blood storage refrigerator allows it to keep the temperature range in 4±1°C. And it has large screen LCD display to display the temperature accurately in 0.1°C, while the ambient temperature ranging from 0℃ to 32℃. This blood bank refrigerator is designed with 2 sensors; automatic temperature control and automatic defrost, allowing perfect temperature performance.
Constant Temperature under Intelligent Control This blood storage refrigerator enables constant temperature under intelligent control system. It lets you to set the temperature in the range of 4±1°C freely. This blood storage refrigerator is designed with the large screen LCD display and can display the temperature in accuracy of 0.1°C.

Scope of Application

Suitable for storage of whole blood, blood platelets, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc.; Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, research institutions, disease prevention & control centers, etc.


Powerful Refrigeration System
Ybo professional 4±1°C blood bank refrigerator is designed environmentally-friendly Freon-free refrigerant; automatic temperature control and automatic defrost. And we adopt compressor supplied by an international famous brand. The blood bank refrigerator is characterized by fast refrigeration and low noise.

Safely Protect Blood
This blood bank refrigerator comes with well-developed audible & visual alarm system, ensuring the blood bank refrigerator safer for storage of blood. It is equipped with digital average temperature display on the control panel, which facilitates observation and monitoring of temperature inside the cabinet, and the precision of temperature display reaches 0.1℃.

Human-oriented Design
There are four universal casters at the bottom of the cabinet for easy moving, and they have the function of self-locking. The blood storage refrigerator is used high-quality steel wire shelves, which are easy to clean and convenient for storage and removal of things. The door is equipped with a lock to prevent it from opening unauthorized.