Vital Signs Monitor
-152℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-UW258

-164℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-ZW128

-164℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-ZW128

  • Unique, high-efficient and recycling cooling system
  • Superior leader in extremely low temperature
  • VIP vacuum three-dimensional thermal insulation
  • Single-pole lubrication compressor refrigeration technology
  • High-precision temperature control system
  • Scope of Application

    Application to scientific research, low temperature test of special materials, freeze red blood cell, white blood cell, skins, DNA/RNA, bones, bacteria, sperm and biological products etc. Suitable for use in blood bank station, hospitals, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, biological engineering, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises and so on.


    L/W/H: 1511 x 976 x 1120mm


    Targeted Refrigeration
    Unique, high-efficient and recycling cooling system, a winner of second prize in National Technology and Invention Award.

    Extremely Low Temperature
    With DW-ZW128, the company becomes the superior leader in the same industry that can produce equipment with the lowest temperature to -164℃ for mass production.

    Three-dimensional Thermal Insulation
    The VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate can lock cool air inside the cabinet and guarantee thermal insulation effect.

    Refrigeration System
    The single-pole lubrication compressor refrigeration technology has improved refrigeration capacity; International famous brand compressor, enabling fast refrigeration.

    High-precision Temperature Control System
    The high-precision microcomputer temperature control system and platinum resistor temperature sensors enable users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -120 to -164℃(DW-ZW128); digital temperature display, the running status is clearly displayed.