Ybo Technologies Co., Ltd. Is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China, which belongs to ASV INTERNATIONAL LTD. Ybo has been focusing on the development and marketing of a variety of medical products for hospitals such as Medical Imaging Consumables, Respiratory & Anesthesia Accessories, Blood Collection Systems, Dental Products, Medical Equipments, Veteranary Equipments and Hospital Furnitures..... As the professional supplier with nearly 13 years experience in the medical industry of China, Ybo aims to continuously improve technology and help our customers find the best products and satisfactory solutions.

The sales network through all kinds of province in China and other areas and countries of Southeast Asia, Europe, Central & South America, Middle East, Africa etc.

We always strive for Better products; Better services; Better solutions.


Become a valuable company!

Chinese technologies, Global services!

Committed to meet customer demand for medical and health services!

Integrity first, Quality first, Service first!

Become the world's best provider of medical & hygiene products!

Adhering to customer-oriented philosophy, focus on customer needs, providing customers with simple, reliable, convenient, timely and proactive quality service.

Create corporate culture of healthy growth, similar to family and pursuing excellence, provide specialized training which keeps abreast of the times, improve service concept, develop forward-looking products, and provide personnel with a broad space for development, training the team with high sense of responsibility, high-quality, and full of vitality, courage to extension, a positively challenge the future.